The Hooksett Community Kitchen is a non-profit mission started by a group of parishioners of the Congregational Church of Hooksett, UCC.  Contributions to the Community Kitchen will be applied specifically and only to the Kitchen.

Our Philosophy Statement is:
The Hooksett Community Kitchen is committed to provide free meals at a monthly dinner to anyone in need.

Our Mission Statement is:
To give the greater Hooksett community regularly scheduled meals, free to those in need of food or companionship, by caring volunteers.

If you are in need of support for you and your family, we will provide free meals every third Monday of the month.  Further assistance is available at any of the links to local resources in the right margin of this page.

We do often seek more volunteers to help prepare or serve our dinners.  Please email us at  for information.

Info to make monetary contributions or donations in kind, please email for more information.
Please inquire about 501 (c)(3) donations.

Sponsors will be advertised in our publicity efforts.


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